Unit Franchise Opportunity

Interested in a Sanyati Property Services Franchise?

The Franchise can and should be operated from home. We provide a total training program to ensure that you, the franchisee, can run the Franchise.

  • We do all invoicing and debt recovery.
  • We provide full administration support.
  • You have a professional team helping you.
  • Your business income is guaranteed.*(Subject to Franchisee agreement)
  • Professional guidance is available throughout your franchise term.
  • We provide you with the business start-up, and you determine what level of income you wish to earn.
  • The only fees charged are an Administration fee of 7 % and a Royalty of 7%. This is charged and deducted from your monthly billing.

You can, and Sanyati trains and encourages you to source your own business if you so wish. All contracts have a 2-year Guarantee if lost through no fault of the franchisee.*(Subject to Franchisee Agreement).

We can look at what the next step is in you becoming a Sanyati Property Services Franchisee. You become part of a professional team in a professional working environment. If you feel ready to enter into a rewarding franchise business, feel free to contact your local Sanyati Property Services Regional Office.