How To handle risks in your retail store

Our perception of the retail space is of cleanliness and order to attract and retain clients in retail stores for longer to stimulate that impulse purchase. The layout of these stores are based on critical thinking; the design follows a planogram to showcase all its wares and lead customers on a prechosen journey.

Therefore, professional cleaners should maintain this clean store space to ensure the safety of your staff and customers that pass through your store frequently. Sales staff burdened with cleaning begrudgingly perform such tasks with minimum care leading to poor hygiene impacting their health.

The environment we live and work in is changing, presenting us with challenges that require specialised cleaning services such as SPS to keep your store sanitised and safe for your workers and the thousands of customers passing through.

Attracting customers into your store is dependent on the outside façade, windows must be spotless to see your featured products and services, floors must be sparkling clean free of grime and debris like gum etc.

SPS can tailor make a package for your store such as:

·       Clean entryway

·       Clean floor mats

·       Clean windows

·       Spotless, sparkling floor

·       Sanitisation services

·       Consumables