Supervision and Communication

Supervision is the cornerstone of Franchise cleaning to ensure quality service and ongoing performance is maintained.

The Franchisee completes an entire training program before they can commence a contract. Detailed work specifications and a walk-through of the building with the Business Manager or the Sanyati Property Services Area Manager is organised to familiarise the Franchisee with our contractual commitments, so a knowledgeable, quality service is provided. 

Regular inspections 
are performed to ensure standards are kept to the contractual benchmark.

While the Franchisee is the first point of contact for any point,
you feel they may need to know. Our Operations Manager will be directly responsible for the overall contract and implementation. 

Our business manager will conduct monthly inspections and communicate with the nominated contact person on the premises to
 ensure complete satisfaction with the quality of services performed by the Franchisee.

company Communication Diary is left in a convenient spot for day-to-day communication between you, the customer and the Franchisee.

Extra work required by yourselves can be entered
easily into the Communication Diary, and you can be assured the additional service will be completed.


Sanyati Property Services Inspections Reports play a critical role in monitoring the contractual requirements and this is carried out by the Operations Manager regularly to ensure all areas are being cleaned exactly to your specifications.

We encourage our clients to communicate directly with us, simply log onto our website click on the client contact tab and complete the Client Survey Form. Alternatively, select your regional office and send us an email.

Our system works for you, not against you.