Carpet Cleaning

Our professional franchised owners and their staff will clean your carpets to make them look new again with friendly and on-time service. We tackle most stains, including sanitising and restoring your carpet’s colour.

Sanyati Property Services believes in a reputation built on superior performance and integrity. Our reputation is well known for the variety of commercial cleaning services that enhance the work environment for your staff and clients.

We are entirely flexible in terms of requirements to enable us to meet your specific needs most affordably while still maintaining high standards.

Why do you need to clean your carpet?

Well-maintained carpet in your business premises adds to visitors’ visual appearance and comfort, including your regular customers. Projecting an image of care boosts employee mood and mindset. Routine maintenance is critical to maximising the life and ensuring the carpet’s health for the safety of all the occupants.

Apart from the regular maintenance cleaning such as spot cleaning and vacuuming, it’s essential to engage professional carpet cleaners will help extend the lifespan of your carpet and bring a few benefits we’ve listed below.

Improved Health

It’s common for carpets to hide dust particles, allergens, and bacteria. Some unseen particles in the carpet can worsen conditions like allergies and asthma, especially those with breathing problems. The contaminants in the carpet can also trigger other health issues resulting in staff illness, impacting productivity and the bottom line. Even though vacuuming helps remove dust particles and some bacteria from your carpet, the remaining debris and bacteria are not entirely removed and can pile up. You can rest assured that our cleaning professionals minimise bacteria, dust mites, and allergens.

Improved look and feel

Improving the look and feel of your carpet is one of the main reasons you should have it cleaned professionally. The carpet’s fibres become matted as dust and dirt build-up, making it look old; SPS professional carpet cleaning will protect your carpet from premature wear and tear, make it feel softer and look better for a long time.