Strip And Reseal

There is something about a high gloss finish on a large floor area like a retail shopping centre in a public space. These floors in high traffic areas are daily exposed to the unrelenting shopping cart and foot traffic abuse, not to mention the spills and dirt that would wear away the hardest wearing surface.

Therefore the stripping of all remaining floor sealers and the reapplication with a quality sealer at regular intervals is critical to protect the floor from wearing away. With proper treatment, the floor is protected from such threats; the floor becomes easy to clean and maintain; however, applying the correct maintenance products will extend the life of the surface to reduce the number of strip and reseals per annum.

Reach out to our franchised business owners and request a meeting to discuss how SPS can better manage your hard floor protection and maintenance.

Floor Types: Terrazzo, marble, agglomerate marble, limestone and tiles.

We request that we have access to the premises after hours to carry out the strip and reseal because of the various processes that take many hours to complete.

The processes involved in giving you that fantastic sheen:

  • Strip Floors
  • Apply Base Coat
  • Apply Top Sealer

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