About Us

Computer Maid Pty Ltd, trading as Sanyati Property Services, is a privately owned Western Australian company that started its corporate life in 1999 in the highly skilled area of computer and electronic equipment cleaning. Computer Maid has become the most prominent computer and electronic equipment cleaning company in Western Australia.

Having been approached by many of its customers to provide complete commercial property cleaning services, Computer Maid created a trading
name, Sanyati Property Services, to provide a comprehensive service where the customer can have all facets of their cleaning requirements attended to
by one company. 

This makes security and communication between the customer and ourselves more transparent and allows for the contractual 
agreements between Sanyati Property Services and the customer to be met in full.

As we continue to expand our operations throughout Australia, Sanyati Property Services have secured the expertise of some of the best industry managers in the country. 

These managers have been selected based on their industry reputation for demonstrating a commitment to exceptional customer service. Our management team is focused solely on satisfying our customers.

Therefore, their objective is to provide a complete cleaning 
system that promises quality, adherence to contractual agreements and delivers peace of mind.

As a complete commercial & domestic property service provider franchised in Australia, Sanyati Property Services can provide full service without contracting out to other companies.

Sanyati Property Services can maintain a single quality control system capable of meeting all requirements of our customers, knowing that their safety, security and confidentiality are assured.