Pressure Cleaning

Like the interior of any property, dust and grime settle on the external surfaces and build over time. This impacts the presentation of your business property to your clients, as they say, “first impressions count”.

Reach out to our operations team on 08 9240 8757 to organise for a FREE quote to pressure wash the external façade of your building, driveway, parking lots, pathways and other services.

SPS Pressure Cleaning Service includes the following:

  • Commercial Business Premises
  • Paved and Concrete Driveways
  • Fascia and Eaves
  • Mould and Dirt Removal
  • Tiled areas
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Resealing

The SPS team will handle the cleaning of your property using state of the art quality industrial equipment and chemicals.

Our operators and their agents will ensure surfaces where pitting from the water jet is likely to happen that “all care is taken”. SPS will not pressure wash any driveway less than 12 months old because it requires twelve months at least to cure.

Also, older driveways will be subject to inspection by a member of the SPS operations team before an agreement to clean is undertaken by the SPS Operations Manager.