Builders Cleaning

SPS franchised owners and their staff provide post-construction cleaning of all surfaces, such as floors, walls, and tiles. We use special industrial-grade detergents and cleaning solutions to remove various paint, plaster, and cement splatter stains.

We then focus on all windows and from inside to ensure all the tracks are clean of debris and dust, they operate freely, and the glass is clean. New builds or renovation, no matter how careful the trades are, during the process will result in lots of dust throughout the premises.

Therefore to ensure we remove most dust particles from the property, we will vacuum the floors several times. Afterwards, we wash all hard floors and wipe down any furniture onsite.

Additional Service
If your premises have carpeted floors, we will be happy to steam clean these also for you, and please get in touch with our operations person ASAP P: 08 9240 8757

In addition, we can clean the premises’ exterior, including the ground floor windows, pressure washing your pathways and driveways to remove all builder’s stains, and ensure your business premises are ready to welcome its new tenants.